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Temporum Felicitas

A virile upright figure, his hand resting on a shield on which we see four women representing the four season; to his left, a child holding a cornucopia; below SIS (a coin workshop in Sicciak [ex.Yougoslavia], now called Siscia.


Probus was an emperor who made the wine region of panonia (Hungary, Dalmatia) and Moesia (Serbia, Bulgaria) wealthy. This sovereign, an enlightened friend of wine, was no less so for work.

I don’t want to feed y soldiers for nothing !

ha was fond a saying, in the rare moments when war gave them a bit of free time. Starting from this prnciple to avaoid idleness, the root of bad advice and to keep the turbulent legionnaires in check, he used his troops to build roads, aqueducts and clear land; and this is how the first wine makers in Panonia and Moesia were Roman legionnaires; Gail itself would benefit grom this smart initiative.

Eusebius, a contemporary of Probus, tells us about him in this passage : “Probus Gallos et pannonios vineas habere permisit, Almeamque et Aureum montem militari manu confitos provincialibus colendos dedit : Probus let the Gauls and the Panonians have vines and he gave them to inhabitants to cultivate the provinces of Mount Alma and the Golden Mountain, which ware planted with the very hands of these soldiers.”

And it was around 280AD, that probus abolished the rule of exception (established by his predecessors, pulling up vines and only giving excetional authorisations to grow wine to cope with the intensive wine production) which paralysed wine growers in the Roman world, and he placed them back under common law. Several historians mention the lifting of the ban ( Eusebius, Flavious, Eutropius and Aurelius Victor).

Probus was asassinated in 282.

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