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Above all, Louise Brison, is a family story, of technical know-how and human relations over 4 generations.
In 1900, Louise Brison eked out a living on a few acres of vines at a time when wine making was not very lucrative.

Thanks to her tenacity, the future generations were able to cintinue her work and the estate took on a new direction in 1991, with Francis BRULEZ, who began producing vintage Champagnes aged in oak barrels.


Given her deep attachment to this land, it was Delphine BRULEZ, agronomist engeneer and oenologist, who rose to the challenge of  perpetuating it today with a naturel evolution towards a organic viticulture.

“I am proud to produce Champagne which come from a magnificent terroir, chossen by my great grandmother, Louise Brison, more than 100 years ago. She started with nothing, or close to nothing, but she was determined to keep and cultivate this land. My work today is a tribute to this great lady, who lived an ordinary life, bt created an extraordinary future !”
By producing the Louise Brison Champagnes today, i am building my own bridge between the past and the future, in the hope that it reaches back through the generations. It can sometimes be difficult to cope with the day to day demands of our job. Especially when the vines are in full growth. If nature is kind, it is easier to manage, and if it decides to be capricious, we have to be able to rethink our methods, take decisions in order to adapt, by swallowing a big piece of humble pie.
It is the difficult vintages that teach us our business!”

Going to the end of a specific method to vintages to create our uniqueness required a great deal of courage and perseverence…

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Delphine Brulez, Incarnation millésimées de Louise Brison par Philippe SCHILDE

Rencontre avec la vigneronne – Delphine Brulez, Champagne Louise Brison par GENUINE WINES


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