As humans, we have a special relationship with nature.
By necessity, we all have a connection to it !
This is why we watch it, keep it, and respect its equilibria so that it becomes our ally.


Organic viticulture
After all these years of respectful growing practices, we decided in 2017 to start our conversion to organic viticulture2020 will be our first vintage labeled organic!

Maintaining soil fertility

The life of the soil is essential for the health of the vine, so we use organic supplements and grind the shoots after pruning. Soils are worked mechanically in order to improve their physical-chemical properties, the plant’s nutrition and the availability of fertilizing elements. We also do microbial fertilization. This is an alternative method that allows us to sustainably improve the structure and fertility of our soils as well as the plant’s resistance to disease.

This set of interventions maintains and helps the biological activity, thus ensuring the good health and longevity of the plant.

Prophylactic fight

We fight against the various diseases in a preventive way by limiting the yields, thus avoiding an overload of foliage and clusters.

The biodiversity

Our different practices allow us to maintain natural ecosystems (flora and fauna) by protecting them from chemical agents responsible for their disappearance.

“It is the difficult vintages that teach us how to work! “

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