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Organic Viticulture

All people have a special relationship with nature.
We are all linked to it and it is essential to us! This is why, for many years, we have been observing it, preserving it and respecting these balances so that it becomes our ally.


After all these years of respectful farming practices, we decided in 2017 to start our conversion to organic viticulture
We have been certified organic since the 2020 vintage!

Maintain soil fertility
Soil life is essential for the health of the vine, so we useorganic amendmentsand crush the branches after pruning. The soils are worked mechanically in order to improve their physicochemical properties, plant nutrition and the availability of fertilizing elements. We also domicrobial fertilization. It is an alternative method that allows us to sustainably improve the structure and fertility of our soils as well as improve plant resistance to diseases.
This set of interventions maintains and helps biological activity, thus ensuring the good health and longevity of the plant

Prophylactic control

We fight against various diseases preventively by limiting yields, thus avoiding a pile-up of foliage and bunches.


Our different practices make it possible to maintain natural ecosystems (flora and fauna) by preserving them from the chemical elements responsible for their disappearance.

“It is the difficult vintages that teach us to work!”

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