The terroir of Aube is unique. It was created from a special climate, with a strong influence from plateau of Langres (dry and cold), a soil made up of a calcareous clay bedrock which we call lime marl.

In the Côte des bar, don’t bother to look for chalk, there isn’t any !

Our terroir is closer to the teroir of Chablis than that of Reims. Traditionally, Pinot Noir, which has a generous and elegant expression is planted here.

But at louise Brison, we have a soft spot for Chardonnay. Once it is vinified in barrels, it will express all its fullness and delicacy.Blending these two grape varieties (which get plenty of sunshine, from their South-South-East position on our hills, at an altitude of 320m), provides both the aromatic power and the complexity that a Champagne needs to develop.


ImageTerroir argilo-calcaire
Terroir argilo-calcaire