Louise Brison’s gourmet Champagnes take you on a journey to an authentic universe of aromas, flavors and beautiful colors… the sparkle of nature, loved and respected. Discover our millésimes, nectars refined by time and aged under our care.

Get off the beaten track. Who said that drinking Champagne should stop at the aperitif? Certainly, the effervescence and freshness are irreplaceable pleasures, true rituals of celebration. Dare to experience Louise Brison’s gastronomic champagnes to discover or rediscover other pleasures, as varied as they are subtle.

Louise Brison’s gourmet Champagnes can be paired with your recipes, according to your tastes and inspirations. In your kitchen as well as on the tables of chefs, dining with Louise Brison’s vintage champagnes becomes an extraordinary moment of tasting and discovery. An invitation to travel and share with those you love.

Each vintage offers the quintessence of authentic happiness.
Each year has its own identity, its own character… You will be spoiled for choice between our Blanc de Blancs, Rosé Champagne, or our blends of chardonnay and pinot noir.

Connoisseurs will tell you: treat yourself to the delicious experience of “Millésimes A l’Aube de la Côte des Bar” Vintage Champagnes reserved in our wine library. Aged with respect and careful attention, these gastronomic champagnes represent the best of our savoir-faire.

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choisir : accord mets et champagne gastronomique
choisir : son millésime
Champagne Louise Brison by Martin D. REDMOND on March 16, 2022